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Conceived and developed to facilitate inclusion of children and adolescents with special needs in to the mainstream society as equal participants and contributors. Central to what Inclusion Central does in every activity would be the ultimate goal of facilitating inclusion through various conformist and unique approaches.

Assessment and Intervention Services

Our assessment and intervention services (AIS) offer comprehensive psycho-educational assessment, diagnosis, and intervention services for children and adolescents with special needs. Usually, two to three sessions are required to complete the assessments. Depending on the child, each session may last from one hour to two hours.Our center has a team of professionals who have a number of years of diverse experiences in evaluating and teaching children with special needs.

Using assessment tools that are specially designed to evaluate the various difficulties experienced by these children, a comprehensive psycho-educational assessment is done. Our assessments provide insights on your child’s ability in areas such as reading, spelling, writing, arithmetic, memory, perception, discrimination, attention, concept formations, information processing, learning style, language and communication, and activities of daily living. 

After every assessment, a comprehensive assessment report and an intervention matrix is provided to parents and teachers of the child evaluated at our center. The issue of report usually takes 7 days from the completion of the assessment.

Our Interventions Using small group instruction, children are taught to develop basic reading, spelling, writing, and math skills. Parents / tuition teachers are provided guidance in teaching subject content to their child at home. Intervention sessions are provided on all Saturdays from 9 am till 4 pm. A daily Homework and Pre-Teaching Club would start functioning soon.


Assessment and Intervention Services are offered on all Saturdays to Thursdays (from 9 am to 5 pm).

School-Based Inclusive Education Services

Our School-Based Special Education Services (SBIES) offers services within the regular school. These services include:


  • School-wide screening for special education needs
  • Psycho-educational assessment camp within the school
  • Guiding teachers in developing individualized educational plans
  • Supervising and monitoring the school’s special / inclusive education services


All services are provided by qualified and professionally trained school psychologists and/or special educators guided by the person that pioneered regular school-based special education services in Kerala

People Associated

Ajit Moorkoth

Managing Director

Ajit Sacheendran Moorkoth is a Professional Rehabilitation Practitioner, Special Educator, Educational Diagnostician, and Psychologist, with training from India and Australia. He has twenty eight years of professional experience with interests in psychoeducational diagnostics. Ajit has a bachelor’s degree from NIMH, Secunderabad where he specialized in intellectual disability and interned in early   intervention for high and at – risk newborns and toddlers. With an Australian Governments full scholarship, he read for a M.Ed. in Special Education degree from the University of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia, specializing in learning disabilities, behaviour disorders, and gifted and talented children. Subsequently, he joined for an M.Phil. Degree in Education with thesis work on Dual Sensory Impairments / Deafblindness. In 2013, Ajit received the Shreshtacharya Award in recognition of his meritorious services of 23 years. He is also the recipient of NIMH Fellowship (2002), ORAS Award (2000) from Sheffield University in UK, Merit Award (2000) from Hull University in UK, and the AIDAB/ADCOS Award (1994) from the Government of Australia.

Dhanesh Gopalan


Seema Ganesh

Chief Consultant Special Educator

Ritasha Nanalal Varsani

Chief Consultant Psychologist

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