Inclusion Central

Society for Promoting Inclusion of Children and Adolescents with Special Needs

Conceived and developed to facilitate inclusion of children and adolescents with special needs in to the mainstream society as equal participants and contributors. Central to what Inclusion Central does in every activity would be the ultimate goal of facilitating inclusion through various conformist and unique approaches. Inclusion Central functions in Cochin, Trichur, and Calicut.

The Learning Space

Our Learning Space is a space for children to learn with fun.

Within the Learning Space are various academic divisions that include the IC PROGRAM, Ausome Center, and the Push Start.


The Space offers our flagship 4 Year IC Program for children who are in need of comprehensive and holistic learning opportunities to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Based on the Swedish and Finnish teaching philosophy, our unique one-of-its-kind IC Program has Five Core Curricular Areas: Life, Literacy, Skills, STEM, and NIOS. Our students have the options to study Full Time or Part Time. This program is exclusively for students exiting class 6 or 12 years of age.

Ausome Centre

This is our dedicated division for children in the autism spectrum to support the learning, social-communication, and the behavioural needs of these children through forenoon academic programs and afternoon therapeutic services.

The Push Start

Step into City’s First Exclusive Early Childhood Education Facility That is Inclusive!

The Push Start is our pre-school space for both typical and atypical children of ages 4 to 6 Years. Options include Regular and After School Programs, Play Room, and Kindergarten.

the Special Education Practice

 tSEP is our assessment and intervention clinic where our LD / ASD / Early Intervention Clinics function. Our LD and ASD Clinics offer psycho-educational and related services assessment, diagnosis, and intervention services for children with learning disabilities, and autism spectrum disorders. Our EI Clinics offer neurodevelopmental screening, assessment, and therapy for at-risk newborns, infants, and toddlers from ages 0 to 3 years. tSEP is located in three cities: Cochin, Trichur, and Calicut.

tSEP Cochin

The tSEP Cochin team includes:

  • Ajit Sacheendran Moorkoth: Dean of Clinical Services
  • Tobby Philip Jacob: Director of Clinical Services
  • Devika S Bose: Deputy Director of Clinical Services & Sr. Psychologist
  • Arya Raveendran: Disability Specialist
  • Nilisha Shaji: Rehabilitation Psychologist
  • Anna Hema Sam: Clinical Psychologist
  • Athira Thankachan: Clinical Special Educator
  • Chinnu G: Clinical Special Educator
  • Neha Jose: Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Maya KR: Child Development Specialist
  • Gayatri Anoop: Child Development Specialist
  • Swapna S: Developmental Therapist
  • Preema Mahendran: Developmental Therapist
  • Dr. Chitra Venkateshwaran: Consultant Psychiatrist

tSEP Calicut

The tSEP Calicut team includes:

  • Dr. Urmila K.E.: Consultant Pediatrician
  • Sithara Bhasi: Rehabilitation Psychologist
  • Afsal Mazood: Clinical Special Educator
  • Aiswarya TK: Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Parvathy Prasannan: Clinical Special Educator
  • Aleesha Alex: Clinical Special Educator
  • Anisha T.S: Clinical Special Educator
  • Mariam Sadaf: Early Childhood Educator


tSEP Trichur

The tSEP Trichur team includes:

  • Geetha Gopi: Rehabilitation Practitioner & Psychologist
  • Haritha Benny: Psychologist
  • Sandra Kolenchery: Speech & Language Pathologist
  • Mable Johny: Clinical Special Educator


 Shraddha is a centre based in Thrissur, Kerala that aims to provide services to children with learning difficulties. It offers assessment, diagnosis and intervention services for children having academic and/or behavioural difficulties. Shraddha is now an integral part of Inclusion Central, a society for promoting inclusion of children and adolescents with special needs. Inclusion Central has its headquarters in Kochi and a branch at Calicut. Shraddha will now function as the Thrissur branch of Inclusion Central.

the Nestlings

Nestlings is Our Early Intervention Clinic

Developmental Assessments (TDSC/LEST/DASII/PDST/DST/NDST)
Risk Categorization (NNF)
Newborn Follow-up (CDC Protocol and Grading / for VLBW-LBW-Late Preterm Babies)
Early Infant Stimulation (at 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 months of age)
Early Intervention (for babies / infants / toddlers with significant delay)

Courses / Internships / Workshops

Short-Term Certificate Courses

Course 1 – Professional Certificate in School Counseling and Guidance

Participants: Teachers / Psychologists / Counselors / Social workers
Duration: Five Months (November-March) (May-September)
Time: Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays: 5 p to 8 pm
Hours: 120 hours
Seats: 10

Course 2 – Professional Certificate in Classroom Management

Participants: Teachers / Psychologists / Social Workers / Counselors
Duration: Five Months (November-March) (May-September)
Time: Saturdays: 10 am to 4 pm
Hours: 100 hours
Seats: 15

Course 3 – Professional Certificate in Inclusive Education

Participants: Teachers / Psychologists / Social Workers / Counselors
Duration: Five Months (November-March) (May-September)
Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays: 5 p to 8 pm / Saturdays: 10 to 4
Hours: 200 hours
Seats: 10

Course 4 – Inclusion Central Certified Professional Competency

ICCPC represents a professional’s qualifications in a specific field of professional clinical practice in special education, psychology, social work, and other similar fields. It demonstrates the individual’s knowledge and experience and signifies his or her commitment to continued excellence in professional clinical practice. In addition, it increases visibility, builds credibility, and validates expertise with those outside the profession. ICCPC exemplifies the highest accomplishment one can attain from Inclusion Central. It does not replace RCI licensing. While RCI licensing systems set entry-level standards for professionals, Professional Certification from IC establishes advanced standards for professionals in the field. There are Ten Level Attainments that must be completed to attain IC Certification through ten months of clinical internship with us.


Eligibility includes a possession of a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines: Adaptive Physical Education Teachers / Administrators of Special Education / Art Therapists / Audiologists / Counselors / Dance Therapists / General Education Teachers / School Counselors / Inclusion Teachers / Music Therapists / Nurses / Occupational Therapists / Para-educators / Physical Therapists / Psychologists / Recreation Therapists / Social Workers / Special Education Teachers / Speech and Language Therapists / Psychologists

Duration: Ten Months
Levels: Ten
Seats: 10


Sponsor a Professional Specialist to Reach Our Services to Children with Disabilities You can sponsor the salary of a professional sponsorshipspecialist for a year who in turn will provide services to hundreds of children with disabilities.


A Special Educator
A Clinical Psychologist
A School Psychologist
A Developmental Therapist
A Speech Therapist
An Occupational Therapist
A Physiotherapist
A School Counselor

Sponsor a professional specialist, and make this your own personal Public Social Responsibility towards children with disabilities! PAN No. AAATV9869L

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